The Rise To Power

This first book in the series takes you through the first 7 years. This is a story about James Bannerman the son of the Ninth Earl of Penbroke who is to inherit a banking conglomerate on his 21st birthday. He is told on his 14th birthday just what that will entail. He is taken to the East Wing of their Estate by his father where he is to learn who he is and just what his destiny will be. He learns by sitting on ‘The Throne’ and traveling through the vortex he is linked to a previous life in the previous age of Atlantis. His guide tells him just what will be expected of him. In these first 7 years of this series you will find mystery, reincarnation, destiny, wealth and romance in his Rise To Power! I was gifted this book through the Book Club Network by the author David Francis for my honest opinion.


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