Dawn Crandall ~ The Hesitant Heiress

Imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail and saw:
The prize was A Kindle HD & a copy of her new book! Along with a few other nice gifts.
I’ve received my Kindle, downloaded her book and here is my review. Thanks again Dawn!

The Hesitant Heiress (The Everstone Chronicles)
by Dawn Crandall

Who will win the hand of the Hesitant Heiress?
Amaryllis Brigham was just a child when tragedy struck. Her mother was killed when the ship she was a passenger in sank. Amaryllis always felt responsible because she had disobeyed causing the event that put her mother on the ship that day. On the day of her Mothers funeral she is put in the carriage and sent off to a private school where she feels she is being punished for her disobedience. When she is expelled from the Boston Conservatory of Music before she can graduate, it shatters her dreams of opening a school of her own. She is sent off to her Great-Aunt Claudine and into the world of the rich and thrust into life of high society. She is told that she is to inherit a fortune, but only if she weds in a short period of time. Will she fall in love with one of the many suitors that know of her inheritance and want it, or strike out on her own penniless? I was drawn in from the start and the ending was … well… full of action you won’t want to miss…


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