Honor by Lyn Cote

I enjoy reading Historical Christian fiction and this was one worth reading!
Honor is the first book in the Quaker Brides series by Lyn Cote. I found Honor Penworthy to be a strong and brave young women who finds her life as she knew it changed drastically when her Grandfather passes away and writes her out of his will. She finds she must move to a new town where she marries and starts a new life with Samuel, someone she hardly knows. Honor feels strongly about helping slaves to find their freedom and she secretly helps them travel along the trail of the Underground Railroad. This story shows a time in history of how people helped slaves along the path to freedom and those whose wanted to stop them. I have read books on the Underground Railroad and found it to be a well written story. Honor has a strong belief in freedom and she is keeping a secret from Samuel. With problems in their arranged marriage, there soon is a trust issue between them. Honor and Samuel’s relationship will be tested time and time again. Will they find the understanding and the trust that will give them the relationship they both want? I liked this book and look forward to the next in the series. I was gifted this book from The Book Club Network (Bookfun.org) for my honest opinion which I have given.


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