The Evergreen Bride

The Evergreen Bride (12 Brides of Christmas #3) by Pam Hillman
This is the third story in the 12 Brides of Christmas series.
Annabelle Denson has long dreamed of going to Illinois to visit her cousin Lucy and of having a White Christmas and this year she is going! Annabelle is a pretty, young school teacher who stops by the saw mill each day after school to visit her brother Jack. Samuel Frazier is the co-owner of the saw mill and brother Jack’s best friend. Annabelle enjoys the friendship and easy conversation with Samuel and thinks of him as a good family friend. Samuel who has feelings for Annabelle has been hiding his feelings from her for some time. Each day after school Annabelle stops in and tells him of all her plans and hopes for her visit to her cousins and Samuel is enjoying each opportunity he gets to spend time with her. Annabelle’s brother Jack is going to propose to his girl on Christmas Eve and when Jack suspects Samuel’s feeling for his sister he teases Samuel that he had better speak up about his feelings for Annabelle because she just might be swept off her feet during her White Christmas visit and not come back. Sam has a decision to make and how he solves it is perfect! I enjoyed reading how the magic of the Christmas season just brings out the romance in a person!! If you enjoy Historical Romance and a delightful Christmas story you will enjoy The Evergreen Bride.
I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing in return for my honest opinion.

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