The Last Queen of Sheba

This is a story of Makeda the daughter of an obscure African chieftain. Makeda is chosen to be The Queen of Sheba and the story is told by her Uncle Tamrin The Merchant. Tamrin is a very rich merchant and is looked upon as a good businessman and a very wise man. He knows that only the Council and Makeda’s father will rule her Kingdom and she will be Queen in name only. Uncle Tamrin loves Makeda and wants to protect her from what he sees and understands, that being the Queen is becoming a prisoner with no real power. She would have no say in ruling Sheba. He helps her to become a true Queen by dethroning her father and getting the Council behind her. Uncle Tamrin takes the new Queen of Sheba to meet King Solomon the wise and rich ruler in Jerusalem. Uncle Tamrin has told her that King Solomon is a fair and just ruler. This is how Makeda wants to rule. She learns of his faith, about his one true God and how he rules accordingly. Solomon is drawn to Makeda and the story takes a surprising turn. I enjoyed how the author told the story through Uncle Tamrin. His travels were very interesting and detailed. This author did a good job writing this biblical, historical fiction into a believable story full of characters that will show how greed, deceit and faith can weave so many lives together. The Last Queen of Sheba was well researched and very interesting. If you like historical fiction I think you will enjoy The Last Queen Of Sheba. I was gifted this book by The Book Club Network ( for my opinion which I have given.


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