The Gift-Wrapped Bride by Maureen Lang

The Gift-Wrapped Bride is number four in The 12 Brides of Christmas Series. Sophie Stewart has been forced to move to Chicago with her family to start a new life. Her brother Arthur and his best friend Noah had moved there earlier to find a suitable place for the family to live and a job for his father and friends that have made the trip from Ohio with them. Sophie has decided she did not want to make the move she was perfectly happy where she was and mentions it often and shows it in her actions. The young ladies in the group look at the move as a wonderful opportunity to find husbands and start a new life where Sophie see it as being forced on her. Her family settles in and help start a new church that will be putting on a Christmas pageant. Noah who has always been a thorn in Sophie’s side and now see’s her in a totally different way is put in charge of the pageant. When he gets her assigned to be his helper Noah hopes to win Sophie over and for her to see him in a new light . This short story reminds us of the hope, the forgiveness and the true meaning of the Christmas season. I was gifted a copy by the publisher, Barbour Publishing for my honest opinion which I have given. I enjoyed reading The Gift-Wrapped Bride and would recommend this story as nice Christmas read to get into the Christmas spirit.


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