The Yuletide Bride (12 Brides of Christmas #5) by Michelle Ule

The Yuletide Bride if the fifth book in the 12 Brides of Christmas series. Ewan Murray and Kate McDougall have been childhood friends and both share a love of God and music. Ewan plays a fiddle and Kate flutes. They have enjoyed playing music together for a long time. Ewan, an unemployed teacher and a musician struggling to find his place since the death of his parents, returns after a season of finding work by playing his fiddle. Ewan has returned to ask Duncan McDougall , Kate’s father for her hand in marriage. Ewan finds out that the banker’s son Josiah Finch has also asked for her hand. The bankers son can afford to take care of Kate and provide a good life for her but Kate chooses Ewan over Josiah. Kate’s father the mercantile owner wants what is best for his daughter so he makes a deal with Ewan. To receive his blessing Ewan must earn $70.00 dollars by Christmas Day which is also Kate’s eighteenth birthday. Ewan takes every job he can find to try to earn the $70.00. When the job of school teacher in town opens up he takes the job with hopes of earning enough money and proving he can provide and take care of Kate to her father. With just a few days until Christmas Ewan finds himself a few dollars short. Will Ewan make Kate his Yuletide Bride or has he failed to meet the challenge? I received this book from Barbour Publishing for my honest opinion which I have given. I enjoyed reading The Yuletide Bride and I think this is another great Christmas story to enjoy for the holidays.


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