Trails & Targets by Kelly Eileen Hake

I really liked this book, Trails & Targets by Kelly Eileen Hake. Mr. Darlyn has certainly taught his daughters well. The quick wit and unconventional talent of the four Daryln sisters make them a family force to be aware of. Beatrix Darlyn is the oldest and runs the family with the wisdom of a woman much older. Each sister has become a master at a skill unconventional for women of that time. You will enjoy reading about how one sister can shoot flying targets with a rifle with pinpoint precision, another can throw knives, another skilled in archery can hit a bulls eye in a moving target & the youngest a terrific trick rider. I found this a delightful story set in the Old West with a tall dark stranger riding in off the range to bring in a little romance. Just maybe this Greyson Wilder will be someone who will help save the family farm. Greyson Wilder is just a bone picker (one who rides the prairies looking for buffalo bones) who is riding through but he has the smarts of a one time lawman. Will Grey be the Darlyns hero? Is Grey smart enough to turn the tables on the local town bully wanting to steal the farm? With the help of the dangerous Daryln sisters, maybe so. If you like a good western with some dimpled Darlyns and a just plain good ride, saddle up with the Dangerous Darylns and have a good time. I received this book from Barbour Publishing for my honest opinion which I have given.


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