The Christmas Tree Bride by Susan Page Davis

The Christmas Tree Bride is number 8 in The 12 Brides of Christmas series.
I found myself transported back to the Oregon Trail stage coach stop in Wyoming in 1867. Riding along on the stagecoach in the cold of Winter. How lonely it must have been for the stagecoach relay stations. Having few visitors and company only long enough for the stagecoach to stop in for fresh horses and a hurry up meal that you had to prepare. The Winfield family ran the stagecoach stop and prepared meals, and provided shelter and lodging as needed. Polly is 18 and after receiving a postcard from a friend back home she mentions to Jacob that she is dreaming of a Christmas tree to bring some Christmas spirit to the stage coach stop and their home. Jacob is a young replacement driver Polly finds herself thinking about a lot and Jacob is thinking Polly is quite a wonderful young lady and offers to bring her Christmas tree. This story of the trials of the stage coach line, traveling through a blizzard, a rescue and seeing the wonderful spirit of Christmas among friends and family was one I could feel I was there among the passengers. I enjoyed reading this short story of the Christmas Tree Bride and thank Barbour Publishing for the gift copy to review for my honest opinion which I have given. I recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy an uplifting Christmas story.


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