The Bachelor by Stephanie Reed

The Bachelor by Stephanie Reed is the second book in the Plain City Peace series. I have not read The Bargain but I found that The Bachelor can be read as a stand alone. This is Amish fiction with ideas about the Amish I hadn’t read before. Betsie Troyer is back home from spending time in the English world. Betsie has to make a decision with what to do in her life. Whether to remain Amish or to become English. Betsie likes her Amish life but her decision is harder because her parents have left the Amish faith and have been shunned and not allowed to contact anyone in the Amish community. Betsie is left to try and keep her family together and take care of her siblings. To add to the mix, an English neighbor leaves his daughter with Betsie to care for while he is away on an emergency. Betsie has to decide whether to join her parents and become English or become a member of the Amish
community, and maybe become Charlie’s wife. This Amish story was set in the 1970’s was a little different from what I have read about the Amish. I found there was a lot going on in The Bachelor but it made the story very interesting and I enjoyed reading it.
I was gifted this book from the publisher Kregel Publications and the Book Club Network ( for my honest opinion which I have given.


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