The Lady Fugitive by Ada Brownell

Jenny Louise Parks  has decided she is going to escape from her abusive uncle, Judge Dansforth Schuster. Judge Schuster
wants to steal her inheritance. Finally Jenny find a way and escapes into the cold rainy night and by the time she makes it to the
train station she finds her Uncle has formed a posse and  put a bounty out for her return. When she hides in an abandoned cabin
and is terrified by a rattlesnake ready to strike, William O’Casey comes to her rescue. William is a peddler of household goods
and has a calling to show a film “The Passion of the Christ” in towns along his route. William is also looking for a younger brother
so he can tell him of trouble back home. Jenny has decided she must dress like a young man to escape the posse. This saves
her numerous times and when she is found sleeping in a cellar of a homestead the owner feels it is an answer to her prayers.
They are leaving and needed someone to care for the livestock and the farm. Jenny becomes J L Parks, new owner of the farmstead
and starts her new life. I enjoyed how the farm animals livened up the story. From a goat that saved the day by ramming unsuspecting
intruders to the ornery cow. And then throw in  the Grouch of a neighbor who would do anything to get Jenny’s farm. Never ending
drama. William seems to keep turning  up when least expected and Jenny soon finds she has feelings for William O’Casey. With
the bounty out for her Jenny has to decide if she can fully trust in him. There was much excitement, suspense, a return to faith and
just a  perfect amount of romance. I really liked this story and recommend it to anyone who likes historical Christian fiction with
adventure, drama, humor & a little romance. This was a good clean fun story I really enjoyed reading.
I was gifted a copy of The Lady Fugitive  for my honest opinion from the Book Club Network ( which I have given.


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