Trading Secrets by Melody Carlson

I really enjoyed this modern day Amish story..

Zach Miller and Micah Knight become pen pals in the 5th grade. Micah is English and Zach is Amish. Micah is now 17 years old and Zach is 18 years old. They have never met and Micah has invited Zach to come visit sometime. Zach had decided it’s time to visit Micha. Now, Micah has to tell Zach the young friend he’s been a pen pal with for all these years is not a boy but a girl! When Zach can’t come to Micah’s home because he is needed to help with Spring planting, she decides to dress as a young man and go visit Zach. She wants to meet him face to face finally. I really liked these young people and how they interacted with each other. This is a modern day Amish story. Micah has a cell phone and lives in a Condo. Zach has never traveled but a few miles from the farm. When these young people meet and see how the other lives, I could picture the fascination going on from both sides. They each found the other persons’ lifestyle so very different than they expected. I’d recommend this to all ages because I found this to be a wonderful family story. I really enjoyed this Amish romance with a Christian-based theme.
I was gifted a copy from The Book Club Network ( for my honest opinion which I have given.



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