Jaded: A Novel (Mended Hearts Series) by Varina Denman

As a child, Ruthie and her mother were shunned by the local congregation. With the first page I was dropped into a small town where everyone knows everyone and everything there is to know about everyone. So like a few of the small towns I have lived in. I quickly bonded with Ruthie and could feel just what she was feeling and understand her thinking. I thought about how I’ve seen this in small towns and the author really portrays it perfectly. It certainly did plunge deep into the waters of shame, forgiveness and restoration. This can be read as a stand alone but I am really looking forward to seeing how the people recover in the next book in this series.
I was gifted a copy by the author for my opinion and in my opinion.. I have a new favorite author!



3 thoughts on “Jaded: A Novel (Mended Hearts Series) by Varina Denman

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  2. Deanna, thanks so much for your sweet review. I’m glad you liked Ruthie’s story!


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