Hearts Made Whole by Jody Hedlund

I loved this family story…

Carolyn Taylor watches her father the St. Clair Lake keeper of the Windmill Point Lighthouse drown as he tries to cross the lake during a storm in a rowboat. The family is heartbroken and realize that there are even harder times ahead Carolyn has taken care of the lighthouse with her father for years and knows she could continue to do so but when Mr. Finick the supervisor of the lighthouse hears of her fathers death he immediately tells Carolyn that she is to pack up and move as he has hired a new light keeper. Ryan Chambers a Civil War injured veteran has been given the post. Ryan’s injuries has made him alcohol and Opium dependent and when he arrives to take over the job, Carolyn see’s that he is not capable and continues in her duties as the light keeper until he can take over. This story is of family, faith, shattered dreams and lives that need restored. There is murder, a fire, drug addiction, kidnapping, suspense and lies that have to be addressed that makes this a book I was quickly pulled into and enjoyed until the last word. This was a great family story and I’d highly recommend it. I was gifted a copy from Bethany House Publishers for a review and my honest opinion, which I have given.

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