Escape to Paradise Trilogy by MaryLu Tyndall

I embarked on an exotic adventure with a group of Confederates who were emigrating to Brazil in the aftermath of the Civil War. We were off to build a paradise in the Brazilian jungle! I was totally drawn in from the first paragraph and through all 960 pages! It was so descriptive and full of action. I don’t know how MaryLu could put so much on each page! I loved joining the emigrants on the journey from ship to an exotic jungle. Every person had a past that they were wanting to escape and the New Hope paradise was going to be a new start. I was fascinated with how they were connected and didn’t know that until well underway on the ship to New Hope! Some not until the end of the book! I loved this story.. Secrets, superstition, disaster after disaster, romance, love, faith and redemption, it covered it all!
I thank the author for gifting me a copy and MY OPINION – I highly recommend Escape to Paradise! This book is at the top of my ‘Best Book I’ve read in 2015’ list!

I Loved this book! click on the picture to get it on Amazon…



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