The Stonekeepers by Sally Chambers

Lexi and her friends have set out to save an old house being readied for demolition. When Lexi begins to find clues she feels that she may have known the owner at one time. She just feels drawn to the house and that her parents are keeping something from her. She finds out that she has inherited a very historic relic that is priceless and needs to be returned to Israel. Lexi becomes the target of a man desperate for money to pay off his gambling debts when he discovers that Lexi has become the keeper of the precious stones. A treasure hunt, mystery, suspense and danger become part of Lexi’s life and I enjoyed following Lexi and her friends as they unraveled the mysteries and dodged the dangers along the way.
I received a copy from The Book Club Network ( for my opinion which I have given.

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One thought on “The Stonekeepers by Sally Chambers

  1. libbycole007 says:

    What an interesting plot! Will have to check this out.


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