Yesterday by Amanda Tru

Back to the Future? Well to Yesterday anyway.. Amanda is on her way to the travel lodge to visit her sister the owner of the lodge, when she comes up on an accident. She helps the accident victims, transports them to the lodge and gets them airlifted to the hospital. The next morning when she wakes, she is five years into the future and all she felt she did the night before is not what today is telling her happened! Hanna does some research and finds out the handsome Dr Seth McAllister she had met that night is in a town close by and goes to find him and see if she can get confirmation of that meeting 5 years ago. This was a time travel mystery with a romantic twist of bringing the past into the future and the future changed by the past.. I enjoyed this story and the ending… well I didn’t see that ending coming! I was gifted a copy by The Book Club Network ( for my opinion which I have given.
Clicking on the book will take you to Amazon.

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