A Christmas Stamp by Cynthia Hickey

I was gifted a copy of A Christmas Stamp and what a sweet holiday romance!
Lilly and Calvin are thrown together when Calvin hits her with his truck and the romances began. So much happened in this 64 page short story. Noel, Missouri wants to be a town to send your Christmas letter to and get it stamped with a pretty Christmas stamp from Noel. Then forwarded on from “A Christmas City”.. Lilly and Calvin are appointed to make it happen. Because of the new party line telephone system a contest is suggested and in short time the whole town jumps in to help. I liked this story, it was short, sweet and had plenty of action.
And.. a triple romance made this special holiday story one of family and unexpected love a gift I truly enjoyed…

Clicking on the book will take you to Amazon to read more about A Christmas Stamp!


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