Brightest and Best by Olivia Newport

I really enjoyed reading this story that takes place in 1918 and tells of the conflict that arose between the state of Ohio and the Amish settlement of Geauga County, Ohio regarding the schooling of their children. I found this bit of history very interesting and liked how the author showed how it affected the lives of the Amish children and the feelings it brought up in the parents. They had to take a stand on their religious beliefs and values and were not wanting their children put into the English school system. The insight into the Amish lifestyle and how different the English schools taught compared to the Amish was very interesting. The characters were very realistic and I could certainly feel the emotions and the tension as it built between the Amish and the government. A little romance rounded out this story to one I really liked. I enjoy reading Amish stories and this is one I would highly recommend.
I received this book from Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.

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One thought on “Brightest and Best by Olivia Newport

  1. I think a lot of people are curious about the Amish lifestyle, I certainly am. It’s so very different from our own, which can seem quite appealing at times!


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