A Scone to Die For by H.Y. Hannah

a scone to die for

When Gemma opens a quaint Oxfordshire tearoom she would never, even in a dream, expect to find an American tourist murdered with one of her scones! This was a fun read. I certainly smiled a lot when the little old ladies were up to their investigative shenanigans. And Gemma’s mother who was her dedicated matchmaker and always calling her because she could never remember her password for her iPad!  Did I mention the handsome detective? Well, he was an old beau and Gemma found that the spark between them was still there, trouble with a capitol T. When he refuses to let her help him with the case.. She starts investigating on her own and, well, she can sift through clues alright but she can certainly get into quite the sticky situations even better! This is a fun cozy mystery with interesting characters and twists I didn’t see coming. I’d recommend this book and I’m certainly looking forward to the next book in the Oxford Tearoom Mysteries.


2 thoughts on “A Scone to Die For by H.Y. Hannah

  1. H.Y. Hanna says:

    Thanks so much, Dee, for your lovely, thoughtful review! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book and that the story brought a smile to your face 🙂

    Best wishes,
    (H.Y. Hanna)


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