Undaunted Hope by Jody Hedlund

      1871  Eagle Harbor, Michigan

~  In a Town Mired in Darkness She May Shine The Light They Need ~

Running from the mistakes of her past, Tessa Taylor heads to the uppermost reaches of Michigan, and this begins the story of the Light House keepers, the workings of the town and how Tessa becomes the first woman teacher in Eagle Harbor.

I really liked how Tessa brought the town together and how they gave Mr. Percival Updegraff what he truly deserved!  Well, maybe even more than once.  Anyone named Percival must have had a hard childhood and then, when he became the superintendent and chief mine clerk of Eagle Harbor, well, I didn’t like him either! Tessa becomes a loved teacher and respected citizen but when she upsets Mr. Updegraff by rebuffing his advances, all kinds of  interesting things start happening! I liked how two brothers, keepers of the lighthouse decide to try to court Tessa and how she will only be friends because of her job as the teacher. She will not jeopardize her job because of a clause in her contract regarding being alone with a man. She likes her job and wants to teach. I liked how the children were such an important part of this story.  Ms Hedlund’s attention to detail had me right there within the community and these people could have been my neighbors.  I would highly recommend this book.  Hardships, tragedies and life or death situations were a daily reality for this community and the ending!  Perfect!

I would also recommend this 3 book series – Beacons of Hope.  Each book could be read as a stand alone book.  I certainly did enjoy them all!

I was gifted a copy from Bethany House Publishers to review with my honest opinion.

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