Let’s catch up with some reviews..

Monday Morning JOY  by Tia McCollors

When Rae Stevens is given the assignment of interviewing the hometown baseball hero, she thinks it’s just going to be another “exploits of the rich and famous” interview. Until her interview ends up being scheduled at Malachi Burke’s Grandmothers home over breakfast. She finds his Gran’nola a delight and Malachi not at all who she was expecting. A gentle romance and Gran’nola was a grandmother everyone should meet. This wasn’t a fast paced story but it was filled with glimpses of God’s word and a very enjoyable story.   I was gifted a copy from The Book Club Network to review.


     Guardians Of The Heart  by Loree Lough                                                             This story takes place in the 1880’s in Denver. When an opening for a housekeeper and Cook for the remodeled Stone Hill Inn, Nell knows this is an opening she can fill. She is losing her job and home and this could be an answer to her prayers. Asa Stone is the proprietor when he hires her they become like partners in re-opening of the Inn. Nell and Asa have come through some hard times, each with secrets and dreams. I found them to be likable and with a faith that  would get them over the past and on to an outcome I hadn’t expected.  I liked this story and would recommend it..    I was gifted a copy from The Book Club Network to review.


The Post Card  by Laura V. Hilton

 Rachel and David find that love is never easy. Through correspondence by letters and Post Cards they are drawn to each other but, Rachel is promised to another.  David moves to Rachel’s town to teach school and it seems that trouble just follows him. There is some mysterious vandalism, an attack on David and the problem of romantic feelings that keep the story flowing and wondering who and why these problems kept popping up. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it if you like Inspirational Amish fiction.  I was gifted a copy from The Book Club Network to review.


PSEUDONYM  by Dennis E. Hensley & Diana Savage

So, she had a whirlwind romance, marries and there she is.. in another situation with an overbearing man! This story had me gritting my teeth and encouraging Sheila to get out,  get away  and make her own life decisions..   There certainly were some twists and turns where real life reactions and consequences eventually caught up with them and events that I hadn’t anticipated! This was certainly an emotionally charged suspense that only got better as I turned the pages… If you like emotionally charged suspense, you should like this one.     I was gifted a copy from The Book Club Network to review.


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