The Quieting by Suzanne Woods Fisher (giveaway)



My thoughts:  This is one of those books that didn’t have a lot of action, but, it has a lot of.. well.. story! David the minister has church problems and then when his mother shows up to “straighten out” his problems.. oh my.. Mammi will let you know that she knows what is best! I think my favorite person in the story was Abigail. She loved to read and I enjoyed how her nickname was Gabby because if you asked her a question she could go on and on about any subject. She just made me smile as she tried to organize everybody and everything. I just really enjoyed all the family and the happenings Stoney Ridge, Pennsylvania, that were, well.. there was never a dull moment!  I think you would enjoy this Bishop’s Family series..

 About the book:

the-quieting The Stoltzfus family faces serious problems, both in the church and at home. Everyone in the community expects minister David Stoltzfus to fix things–fast. But David doesn’t work fast. He prefers to wait for God to work in individual hearts. However, even he is left wondering if the solution to their most pressing problem might be a Quieting.

When David’s mother arrives, uninvited, more upheaval is in store. She has matchmaking plans for everyone in the family, including David and her eligible granddaughters–and especially for David’s niece Abigail. When Abigail stumbles onto a curious connection during her genealogical research, it could help David solve one problem–but will it create another?

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher takes fans back to Stoney Ridge, delivering the twists, turns, and romance they adore.

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I was gifted a copy to review and participate in the book tour.


3 thoughts on “The Quieting by Suzanne Woods Fisher (giveaway)

  1. This looks so good! I hope it will be available on audiobook!


  2. Thanks for reading and reviewing “Quieting” on this blog tour! I appreciate the chance to expose my book to your readers. Great blog you’ve got! I got lost reading through your reviews. 🙂 Warmly, Suzanne


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