If I Run, Breaking Free

26263487If I Run by Terri Blackstock

“There is blood on the bottom of her shoes! Her heart constricts as tears fill her eyes.” Wow, what a start to this intriguing story! Her friend Brent was investigating her father’s supposed suicide. Had he found proof that he was actually murdered? Was that why Brent was murdered and left for her to find. Casey has absolutely no trust in the police so… She Runs! I liked how the story was told by Casey and also by Dylan an investigator hired to find her. This game of hide and seek made for a wonderfully gripping suspense! This is definitely going on my favorites list. I was gifted a copy from the publisher through the Fiction Guild.


Breaking Free by Jennifer Slattery.
If you have ever known someone struggling with addiction or even if you haven’t, this will take you right into the middle of it and you will see it up close and personal. I liked how we could see it lived out from both sides. When husband and wife both turn away from their Church friends and start struggling on their own, their lives spiral into such misery and despair, which in turn pulls down their children too. The author shows us what alcoholism, gambling addiction, no honest communication from either side and hiding your financial problems can do to a family. This is such a true to life story it gives us a better insight of the struggles of addiction.. I was gifted a copy by the author and New Hope Publishers for review.



Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Dylan

If you like lawyers and courtroom drama with a newbie FBI agent tossed in for protection against the Mob! You will like this Christian suspense with plenty of suspenseful twists to keep you interested. I found plenty of action to keep me guessing. I was gifted a copy by the author for an honest review.





As ISIS dominates news headlines I found this book did give me more insight and information about this subject and that was certainly an eye opener! The dollar amount of what the Islamic State makes in a day was $3 million a day! What their thoughts and actions are all about was definitely discussed thoroughly in this book.. If you want some well researched information on this topic.. read this book… I was gifted a copy by the Book Club Network for review.

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