Catching up on some reviews today..

 A Splash of Substance (Taste of Romance #1)

A Splash of Substance by Elizabeth Maddrey.  She doesn’t vote. He works for a Senator. Is it a recipe for romance or disaster?

It certainly had some politics, religion and romance that takes the characters into areas that they didn’t expect. I did enjoy the story and found it realistic with a sweet romantic ending.  I was gifted a copy for review.

A Dash of Daring (Taste of Romance #3)

A Dash of Daring by Elizabeth Maddrey (book 3)  

This is the last book in the Taste of Romance series. Amy and Zack  work at the same inner city high school and care deeply about the students. As they get to know each other and then find they have feelings for the other, we are taken into their lives and the developing romance. This book deals with some social issues and I really liked how the author had faith an integral part in this story. A nice ending to the series!  I was gifted a copy for review by the Book Club Network.

Faith of a Father

Faith of A Father by Frank Barbehenn  (non-fiction)

This is a memoir of the trials, damaged emotions and traumatized faith of a man who wants to share his story with his daughter and in turn with us. He tells it as it was growing up with an alcoholic mother and an angry abusive father. He shares some intimate details of his life and how through his quest for spiritual truth he has survived. He now helps others as he is a licensed psychologist and specializes in relationship and trauma therapy. Faith of a Father was at times painful to read, but what a lesson in faith!    I was gifted a copy by the Book Club Network for review.

Hearing God through Biblical Meditation: Unlocking Fresh Revelation DailyHearing God through Biblical Meditation by Mark Virkler.   (non-fiction)   This book focuses on “Biblical” meditation and it will give you some practical exercises, meditation prompts, a daily scripture meditation and a place to journal your thoughts. One statement that Mark shared that really made sense to me was ” whatever you focus on grows within you, and whatever grows within you, you become. Focus on the Lord and His glory, and you will be transformed into His likeness. You become a reflection of that which you gaze upon.” Stop focusing on sin! Focus on Him and see the Light and let it transform you! I’m finding this book as a way to start seeing “The Bible come to Life!”   I was gifted a copy through the Book Club Network to review.

Skin in the Game by Rick Lawrence


  Skin In The Game by  Rick Lawrence (non-fiction)   Skin in the Game was an interesting concept to me. I found that while I agree that we must be in a full relationship with Jesus.. I found some of his illustrations – Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, “The Little Albert Experiment”, the indie punk rocker Amanda Palmer, Comic-Con were just not what I was expecting.. It just wasn’t for me.. His use of biblical stories did bring out his thoughts clearly that yes.. and I agree, we have to be all in to have a Jesus-Centered Life..   I was gifted a copy for review by the Book Club Network.



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