Small town Girl and The King’s Wish

  Small-Town Girl by Jessica Keller  28815744

Past hurts keep Kendall from serious relationships and that totally matches the thoughts of Brice too. These two are kind of thrown together when she needs to plan a weekly event for her new business and Brice has the perfect idea of how they both can make money with sunset cruises. New start, new business venture, beautiful sunsets and new ideas on romance. A hard topic of abuse is brought out throughout this story but the author brings it all together in a partnership that ends in a romance of the heart.   I’d recommend this book because I really enjoyed how the author brought it all together.



The King’s Wish by L.K. Reyes

Enjoyable fairy tale about a King who has lost his joy. Nice graphics, the pages are full of things to explore. For younger kids it would make a great – can you find it book to read and explore. Short enough to keep it interesting and has a happy, feel good ending!

 Faith of a Father by Frank Barbehenn



I was gifted copies of these books for review…


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