Ask Me To Marry You! by Heather Blanton

Ask Me to Marry You: A Christian Historical Western Romance Novella (The Brides of Evergreen Book 2) by [Blanton, Heather]


This is a Christian Historical Western Romance and one I certainly enjoyed! It was just a great take on the mail order bride business, except… the bride ordered is a man! Oh my the razzing this poor fellow gets when he agrees to the arrangement. What a fun yet serious story that kept my attention wondering just what they would get caught up into next. This is one for my list for ‘my favorite authors’ and I can’t wait to read more of her books!


Though she’s loath to admit it, Audra Drysdale needs a man to save her ranch.

Her father has passed away and her hands are abandoning her like rats from a sinking
ship. Worse, neighboring cattle baron Jess Fairbanks is making a play for the Diamond D and Audra, whichever he can get his hands on first. Audra grudgingly accepts that the mere presence of a husband will keep her men working, and Fairbanks under control. It seems a perfectly reasonable idea, then, to ask her uncle, who is the town attorney and a matchmaker of sorts, to find her a groom—a “proxy” who will take her orders and dish them out to the men.

Dillon Pine is in jail for a conspiracy charge, but because of certain mitigating factors he’s deemed a good risk for an unusual form of probation: serving as Audra’s husband. After a
year, he can abandon her and she won’t tell. By then, she will have proven to the cowboys she’s a competent rancher, and the cattle man next door will be looking elsewhere for a wife. But when word gets out that Dillon came to Audra via Evergreen’s matchmaker, he’s dubbed a “male order bride.” The resulting jokes at his expense are constant and brutal, making him wonder just how much a man’s pride can stand.

When Audra discovers her father’s death was no accident, she realizes her new husband
is in danger, too. And she cares . . . quite a lot, it turns out. To save Dillon, she may have to let go of the one thing she’s fought her whole life to keep.

You can get your copy  “HERE”

“I believe Christian fiction should be messy and gritty, because the human condition is … and God loves us anyway.” — Heather Blanton


I was gifted a copy from the author for my honest opinion…


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