Creative Coloring: GIFTS by Sharon A Lavy


This is a very nice creative coloring book with some simple designs to some with a lot of detail. All but one page is finished with a border that makes your finished project look finished and makes it easy to frame. I’ve used colored pencils and gel pens on these pages and both work nicely. There are blank pages at the back to remove and place under your work to prevent bleed through to the next page. There is even information for some free printable PDF pages. Very nice book for Creative Coloring!4-author-reviews2-jpeg


These are a couple of the nice designs in the book.




Gifts (Creative Coloring Book 3) by [Lavy,Sharon A]

About the Book:  Story and Logic Media Group is committed to providing high quality graphics for its customers.

Creative Coloring: Gifts, provides hours of coloring fun and positive energy as well as an avenue to explore your creativity.
Experience pure relaxation as you let the colors flow from your fingertips onto these 25 original kaleidoscopic designs.
You may be sure it is your own creativity along with your favorite coloring tools that will make these exquisite grown up coloring designs pop.
Join millions of adults all around the world who are rediscovering the simple joy of coloring together. Be sure to post your masterpieces in your favorite Facebook colorist group.
Each design is printed on a single side of the page leaving the reverse side to prevent indentations and ink bleed. For best results put two or three pages of blank paper under the page you are coloring to avoid bleed through to the next design. We have furnished three extra pages at the back of the book you can cut out to use for this purpose.
While you wait for your coloring book to arrive…visit and click on the FREE COLORING PAGES! Link to learn how you can download 5 free, printable pages to tide you over!
Then grab your colored pencils, ink pens, or a medium of your choice, and get ready to fill the pages with your unique and colorful expressions.


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