Some fun reads!

 The Starlight Inn by Lucie UlrichStarlight Inn

  Stranded in a blizzard at a beautiful Inn, a delightful older lady that becomes a true friend and that gentleman that steals your heart.. This was one that was a perfect Christmas romance and holiday read! I’d certainly recommend this one.


ABOUT THE BOOK: On her way to celebrate her birthday and Christmas with her family, Ella Dixon finds herself trapped in the middle of a blizzard. She seeks refuge at The Starlight Inn. Though the inn is full, an elderly guest offers to share her room. Accepting the kind offer, Ella soon realizes Tillie Spencer isn’t your average “little old lady.” She knows things nobody else does, and appears to come and go on a whim.

Anything For A Mystery (Christian cozy mystery) (A Nosy Neighbor Mystery Book 1) by [Hickey, Cynthia] 

Anything For A Mystery (Christian cozy mystery) (A Nosy Neighbor Mystery Book 1) by Cynthia Hickey

This was so fun to read.. I can totally see nosy neighbors doing this. What starts out as a walk about for the Neighborhood Watch Program suddenly turns into an attack and a murder! As as author, Stormi just can’t let this mysterious murder be left to the Police and she starts her own investigation. Oh my! The trouble she stirs up and gets into. Murder, mysteries, mishaps like squeezing through a doggie door and getting stuck! There was even some romance for this romance writer to make this a fun  and entertaining story.    I requested and was gifted a copy from and this review is voluntary.


Grace be a Lady (Love & War in Johnson County #1)Grace Be A Lady by Heather Blanton

What a way to survive! Grace was a wealthy lady that now has to pretend to be a young man to get a job on a small ranch to survive. She desperately wants to save enough money to return to Chicago and retrieve her son. Her husband was wealthy, an abuser and banished her to “Misery” Wyoming with a warning to never return. This is a story of overcoming the hand life has dealt you and coming out a winner. Great characters and lots of interesting happenings that had me rooting for her all the way!



Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska    Of Moose And Men by Torry Martin & Doug Peterson: Lost and found in Alaska

This was an entertaining book and I found myself sharing it with my husband because he wanted to know what I was smiling so much about.. There was a moose with it’s head stuck through the window, a reindeer trapped in the kitchen and bears in the yard. This fellow made me smile, laugh out loud, think and yes, remember how much God loves me! He writes like a comedian but with a seriousness that had me finding the underlying message he so much was wanting to share with me. What God has done for him… He can do for me! I would definitely recommend this one.


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