Finding Love in Eureka, California & Framed for Murder

Finding Love in Eureka, California by Angela Ruth StrongFinding Love in Eureka, California (Resort to Love, #4)  by Angela Ruth Strong

What a story! So many topics covered in the story and the author did it so well! I enjoyed the faith element, how the characters so real and the family element was at times heartbreaking and then joyful too! Family, faith and a little romance… I really enjoyed this one!
I was gifted a copy and my review is voluntary..


ABOUT THE BOOK:   Raised in a family of six adopted siblings, Genevieve Wilson fights to keep her dysfunctional brothers and sisters together, but everyone still seems to leave. If she’s not good enough to prevent her birth parents from giving her up or her siblings from abandoning her, then there’s no way she would ever be enough to have a lasting relationship with the cute pilot from work…which is exactly what makes him a safe subject for her daydreams.

Matt Lake is dating the perfect woman and working a great job. Life is easy until he starts to enjoy hanging out with the airline employees more than with his girlfriend—one sweet female employee in particular. He tells himself he’s only intrigued by Gen’s quirkiness, but nobody else makes him smile the way she does.

Can Matt give up the flawless life he’d planned in exchange for the messiness of love? And if so, will Gen risk her heart on reality when it’s never paid off in the past?

Framed for Murder by Mary Alford Framed for Murder by Mary Alford.

Non-stop action! Being framed for murder, on the run from gun dealers and being framed for murder! To top it off… being in the CIA was not going to help when a note and a text tells you to trust no one. This was one I didn’t figure out until the end, so many twists and turns.. all in a raging blizzard! Suspense, dangerous situations, so many secrets and a little romance.. I enjoyed reading this one..
I was gifted a copy and my review is voluntary…

ABOUT THE BOOK:  Framed for helping her partner smuggle guns—and then murdering him—CIA agent Liz Ramirez must find the evidence that will prove her innocence…before she’s caught or killed. So when her squad’s leader attempts to bring her in for questioning, she knows her future depends on convincing Aaron Foster to go rogue and help her. On the run from the rest of her team and the gun dealers who are convinced she knows the location of their missing weapons, Liz risks losing the proof that would clear her name. But will eluding her pursuers—and trying not to fall for the handsome commander—prove to be fatal?