Mission Undercover by Virginia Vaughan

Mission Undercover (Rangers Under Fire #5) Mission Undercover by Virginia Vaughan

There is a lot of action in this covert undercover assignment of trying to bust a drug ring with the police department at the top of the suspect list! Action, suspense, a few “no ways” and a touch of romance made a fast paced action filled read. I really liked it.. I was gifted a copy and my review is voluntary..

About the book:

When Blake Michaels’s cover as a local cop is blown and a corrupt officer attempts to kill him, he’s forced to go on the run. Under his protection is Holly Mathis, also a target for what she may know about her late husband’s investigation into corruption on the police force. Blake can’t complete his assignment without help from the beautiful widow, but getting close to a woman again is out of the question. Trapped inside the town limits by police barricades, Blake won’t surrender the mission until he finds the source of the deadly drug ring that brought him here. But as he circles closer to his target, can he get his man—and save his woman—without sacrificing his own life?


DESTINY by Don Brown

DESTINY by Don Brown
An American serviceman, a Nazi officer and a Royal Naval commando seemingly have nothing in common other than serving their Country. This story follows these three men and how they each end up impacting the lives of the others in the course of service to their Countries. This story shows Germany, Britain, Russia, Japan and the United States all fighting in wars and how it affects the men, their wives, families, children, friends and their faith. If you like reading about war, battles, and the men who served, you will enjoy this one!
I was gifted a copy of this book by The Book Club Network for my honest opinion.